Why should we pay attention to the maintenance of the mold?


Good maintenance and maintenance of the mold can shorte […]

Good maintenance and maintenance of the mold can shorten the assembly of the mold, debug time, reduce production failures, smooth production, ensure product quality, reduce waste loss, reduce operating costs and investment in fixed assets. The quality of qualified products can be successfully produced. Therefore, injection molding products, currently competitive in the market, well-maintained molds, can help companies grasp.

Injection mold is the most important molding equipment for injection molding, and its quality is directly related to the quality of the product. Moreover, since the production cost of the mold in injection molding directly accounts for most of its production costs. Therefore, it is an important issue for injection molding products processing enterprises to reduce efficiency and efficiency in order to improve the quality and maintenance of injection molds and extend their service life.

Due to the variety of products, the number of mold replacements is high. After the production cycle is completed, the molds are generally stored until the next production cycle. If the mold is not enough attention, the mold will be corroded during storage, the surface is smooth and so on, resulting in a decline in product quality, high scrap rate, some molds are even difficult to reuse, and need to re-invest a lot of money, another new model, resulting in very Big waste.