Why is China's automotive mold industry fall behind?


The strength of China's automobile mold enterprises is […]

The strength of China's automobile mold enterprises is strong, but the overall strength of China's automobile mold industry still lags behind the world average. The reason is not that Chinese enterprises are backward in technology or lack of funds, mainly because of lack of cooperation between enterprises, and repeated investment leads to resources. waste.

The automotive mold industry is different from other industries, and its characteristics are high-precision and low-cost. However, a well-known domestic enterprise invests hundreds of millions of dollars per year to develop automobiles, but only two or three sets of molds, which not only pays huge cost, accuracy, and delivery cycle. And the products can not meet the needs of the market. Therefore, relying on some companies will make it difficult to improve the overall strength of the Chinese automotive mold industry.

If Chinese auto mold companies can unite, share resources, avoid duplication of investment and waste resources, we can achieve faster development and improve technology. We can concentrate on solving specific problems, both to improve efficiency. Reduce the difficulty of product development. If a company shares research results, it will reduce huge investment and the development speed will increase.