What should be paid attention to when designing car lamp mold


Automotive light molds are composed of two symmetrical […]

Automotive light molds are composed of two symmetrical products, usually with inverted buttons, and the order of mold opening is also particular. Among so many car lights, headlights are the most difficult to make. Let's take a look.

A fast curved surface of a car light reflector or a piece of curved surface on the transparent cover is useful. Each curved surface has an equation, and the intersection between the surface and the surface must be guaranteed, including the later polishing. If polishing removes the intersection line, the mold will be finished, so polishing is very important, and polishing must be even. Therefore, the design of the mold must ensure that the curved surface matches the theoretical curved surface, otherwise, the light from the car lights is unqualified.

First of all, as a typical plastic mold, car lights are matched to the parting surface, reference surface and gate position, mold cavity shape, size, surface finish, parting surface, gate and exhaust slot position, and demolding method. The dimensional accuracy and shape accuracy of the part, as well as the physical properties, mechanical properties, electrical properties, internal stress, isotropic homogeneity, appearance quality, surface finish, bubbles, dents, scorching, silver streaks, etc. important influence. Secondly, reasonable cavity design, demolding ejection system and simple, applicable, stable and reliable mold structure can improve the production efficiency of plastic products, shorten the production cycle, and reduce production costs.

Car lights for different purposes have different standards. Among them, headlights have the highest standards and the most difficult design. Here we use the free-form surface reflector principle design.

Mould Design of Headlight Mask

Based on the streamlined design, aesthetic requirements and light transmittance characteristics of the mask, use PartDesign to sketch the main model, then create the main model, add features, create other features, and finally insert new features or bodies to complete the complex car light mask 3D mold design.