What matters need to pay attention to plastic Refrigerator mould customization


1. The Refrigerator mould needs to install side locks ( […]

1. The Refrigerator mould needs to install side locks (straight locks) on all four sides. If you cannot install the side lock, you need to install a taper lock, or a cone lock. The taper lock should be installed horizontally.

2.The line position must be positioned. Positioning methods include slingshot, wave bead, hasco (dme) standard line clamp, etc., specific needs according to the requirements of each project. The row position needs to have bead and wear plate. For beading and wear-resistant plates, wear-resistant hard materials must be used, and oil grooves must be added.

3.The conventional structural Refrigerator mould must be equipped with supporting heads, and the two end surfaces need to be flattened. The small Refrigerator mould is preloaded by 0.1mm, and the large Refrigerator mould is preloaded by 0.1mm-0.15mm.

4. During the manufacturing process, the outer surface of the Refrigerator mould base needs to be maintained to prevent rust and scratches. Before Refrigerator mould packaging, the inner Refrigerator mould needs to be sprayed with white / or colorless rust inhibitor. All Refrigerator mould surfaces must be cleaned and then buttered.

5. There must be no sharp corners on the Refrigerator mould , which need to be chamfered. Except where specified. The diameter of the positioning ring must conform to the drawings, and the form and position of the top rod joint must conform to the drawings.

Refrigerator mould

6. Exhaust grooves should be processed on the guide bush of the Refrigerator mould base to prevent the guide bush from being damaged. If possible, avoid using a sander to grind on the Refrigerator mould . If you have to use a sander to process, you must use whetstone to save light (especially the parting surface).

7. All screws and Refrigerator mould parts need to be standard parts, and the screw heads cannot be sawed off. The effective locking length of the screw must be sufficient, normally 1.5 or 2; for the Refrigerator mould blank of less than 2020, the prying Refrigerator mould pit needs to be made between the a and b plates; for the Refrigerator mould Refrigerator mould of more than 2020, all the Refrigerator mould plates, including the thimble plate, must be pryed.

8.Sloping roof seats must use wear-resistant hard materials. The oil tank must be processed for the inclined roof. The inclined roof seat is generally hardened to hrc40-45 degrees with 2510 or cr12. Because the inclined roof seat is subjected to an impact load, it cannot be too hard or it will break, and chamfer the c angle at all right angle positions.