What are the basic points of mold design


 Application of imitation material: Source of imitation […]

 Application of imitation material:

Source of imitation material, basic material, life requirement, basic resistance, wear resistance, wear resistance, easy cutting, welding, non-production, etc. Materials used for imitation tools (modeling, modeling) are mainly: {metal} (45mm for the widest); alloys (such as 12CrMo, 38CrMoAl); alloy tools etc. The characteristic features of the tubular type core, the thin wall of the beak fixed diameter area, the general difficulty of the process, the wear resistance requirement, the use of the typical core, the multi-use wear resistant Formed Alloy II (Ruo 30CrMoAl). Low after the wear resistance requirement of the model material is required, the required level of metalworking accuracy is high.

After the material is determined, the technical rationality, the processing possibility, the dimensions of each part, and the important points are as follows:
 Outer angle φ: Japanese plastic flow characteristics of the base machine, angle control is 45 ° or less, small angle over, smooth over flow, small protrusion, useful for plastic material. In the case of a high-density crystalline material, it is very important to avoid sudden damage, and it is important to be careful and effective. Determine the special outcomes of the internal and external equipment.