The reason for the higher price of injection mould


Many responsible persons in the plastic injection proce […]

Many responsible persons in the plastic injection processing enterprise complain that they make too little money. On the one hand, the cost of machinery and mould is very high. So why is the cost of the mould so high? The reason will be analyzed for you below.

The reason for the higher price of injection moulds

1. What is injection moulding?

Injection moulding is a method of making plastic products. The molten plastic is injected into the plastic mould by pressure, and the plastic parts are obtained by cooling moulding, and the professional injection moulding machinery, such as an injection moulding machine, is used for subsequent production.

2, injection moulding processing mould manufacturing is difficult

The design requirements of injection moulds are very high. The design of the mould flow path is mainly accurate. If the design work is not done well and the position is not successful, it is very difficult to modify the mould in the case that the subsequent test pattern proof is unsuccessful. Most need Newly made moulds.

3, the number of mould manufacturing sets must be based on the sample

Sometimes it looks like a plastic part with a very simple structure. Instead, it requires two sets of injection moulds and even three sets of injection moulds to be processed. Finally, the price of the injection mould is even calculated to be tens of thousands of yuan, and it is this high contrast that has a great psychological impact on the customer.

4. There are many manufacturing processes for injection moulds, and the cost of purchasing standard parts is high.

5, the injection moulding mould takes longer to manufacture