The future development trend of die casting industry


Over the years, the die-casting manufacturing industry […]

Over the years, the die-casting manufacturing industry has provided users with up to twelve categories of products and molds in different industries to meet the needs of multiple industries. my country's die-casting industry has maintained a good momentum of steady development. As a traditional industry that has developed for many years in my country's industrial model, the die casting industry can be said to be a special existence to some extent. However, in recent years, the continuous invasion of foreign companies and the impact of the economic crisis have led to intensified competition in the domestic die casting industry. On the other hand, China's long-term development prospects will continue to attract foreign counterparts to enter the country. This situation also brings great development opportunities to domestic die-casting manufacturers. With the continuous and stable development of downstream application industries such as automobiles, communication equipment, locomotives, aerospace and electrical machinery, China's die-casting industry has a large room for future development. However, in the new era, as the country strongly recommends energy-saving industries and innovative industries, the die-casting industry will face new industry restructuring and reforms. Under such social requirements, what trend will its future look like?

   The development trend is beautiful, but the development path is tortuous, because the general environment facing the die-casting industry in our country is not too good, because the irregular competition among die-casting enterprises still restricts the healthy and orderly development of the entire industry. For example, many small-scale die-casting companies with substandard production qualifications will print the die-casting parts they produce on the market’s well-known manufacturers’ brand and conformity inspection signs to make high profits before they can obtain high profits. This has brought reputational damage to well-known brand die-casting enterprises. At the same time, some merchants or manufacturers simply re-repair, paint, and resell some scrapped and defective die-casting parts, which undoubtedly brings huge hidden dangers to the implementation of the project.

In addition, the important issue affecting the development of my country's die-casting industry is still the single product and low technical content. This is because there are still a large number of small-scale die-casting enterprises on the market in my country. They have few die-casting equipment and few professional and technical personnel. Only through the production of relatively single, low-tech products, and the production management is still blind and unplanned production mode.