The four parts of SMC molding die accessories to be regularly maintained


The SMC molding position of each SMC molded requires an […]

The SMC molding position of each SMC molded requires annual maintenance. Some SMC mold repair techniques can allow the effective operation of SMC mold components and prevent accidents. Regular maintenance of SMC mold parts plays a vital role in the service life of the abrasive tool.

1.Check whether there is early warning of rust or moisture at the vent

If you find rust or moisture near the exhaust hole of the hot runner, it means that the internal condensation or the water pipe may be broken. Humidity can cause a fatal short circuit to the heater. If the machine is not running all year round, but will be shut down at night or on weekends, the chance of such condensation will increase.

2.Check for signs of wear between the guide post and the guide sleeve

Look for signs of scratches or scratches. This wear is due to a lack of lubrication. If the marks are just emerging, you can also extend the life of the guide post and guide bush by adding more lubrication. If the wear is severe, it is time to replace the new parts. Otherwise, the cavity and core parts may not fit well, resulting in parts with different thicknesses.

3.Do not clean out the hot tip at the gate

If the operator happens to see a small piece of stainless steel at the nozzle of the SMC mold, it may actually be a point nozzle assembly. Cleaning up this seemingly obstructive thing often destroys the hot mouth. In order not to damage the hot nozzle, please confirm the type of nozzle in the hot runner system before taking action to ensure that all operators are well-trained and can recognize all the different types of nozzles they are touching.

4.Sliding stop

For machines that run all year round, this work should be done once a week. The end of the year is a good time to perform a routine lubrication maintenance on these parts.