The development trend of the automotive mould industry


With the development of high efficiency and automation […]

With the development of high efficiency and automation of automobile stamping production, progressive die will be more widely used in the production of automotive stamping parts. Stamping parts with complicated shapes, especially small and medium-sized complex stamping parts that require multiple pairs of punches in the conventional process, are increasingly formed by progressive die forming. Progressive die is a high-tech mould product with high technical difficulty, high manufacturing precision and long production cycle. Multi-station progressive die will be one of the key mould products developed in China.

The quality and performance of the mould material is an important factor affecting mould quality, life and cost. In recent years, in addition to a variety of high toughness and high wear resistance cold work die steel, flame hardened cold work die steel, powder metallurgy cold work die steel, the use of cast iron materials in large and medium-sized stamping dies abroad is worthwhile. The development trend of concern. Ductile iron has good toughness and wear resistance, and its welding performance, workability, and surface hardening performance are also good, and the cost is lower than that of alloy cast iron. Therefore, it is widely used in automobile stamping dies.

Another important aspect of the development of automotive mould technology is the scientific and information management. The scientific management has enabled mould companies to continuously develop in the direction of Just-in-Time Manufacturing and Lean Production. Enterprise management is more precise, production efficiency is greatly improved, and ineffective institutions, links and personnel are continuously streamlined. With the advancement of modern management technology, many advanced information management tools, including enterprise resource management system (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM), project management (PM), etc. Widely used.