The Composition Structure Of Injection Mold Is Analyzed In Detail


The composition structure of injection mold is analyzed […]

The composition structure of injection mold is analyzed in detail:

1. Cavity part of mold cavity injection mold and molded plastic parts, the shape of cavity is the same as the shape of plastic parts, and mold cavity is composed of core and cavity.

2. The parts that form the mold cavity of plastic mold parts, usually including the core cavity.

3. Pouring system will lead plastic by injection machine nozzle cavity flow channel called pouring system, pouring system mainstream way, distributary channel, gate, slag hole four parts, is by the gate, pull rod and the fixed template on the port of three parts.

4. Guiding mechanism to ensure accurate alignment of the steering parts in the process of moving die and mold closing. There is usually a guide column, a guide hole, or an internal and external cone that matches each other on the moving die.

5. Launch mechanism to release the device from the mold during the mold opening process. Some injection moulds are designed to avoid slanting in the ejection process, and also have guide parts to keep the push plate horizontal. It consists of push plate, push rod, push rod fixing plate, reposition rod, main channel pull rod, support pin, push plate guide column and push plate guide sleeve.

6. The cooling or heating system is set up to meet the requirements of mold temperature for the injection process. The cooling system generally opens a cooling channel in the mold, and the heating element is installed inside or around the mold, such as the electric heating element.

7. Exhaust system in the process of injection molding, in order to remove the gas from the cavity, the exhaust system is opened. It is generally divided into parting surface clearance, type core, cavity gap or vent tank exhaust.

8. Supporting parts for mounting and fixing or supporting molded parts and parts of the foregoing parts. The supporting parts are assembled together to form the basic skeleton of the injection mold.

9. The side parting and core structure drive the movable core as the side parting and core pulling mechanism.