Technology upgrading is the way of mold industry


According to the data from China mould industry associa […]

According to the data from China mould industry association, the technical content of domestic automobile mould is generally low, and the proportion of high-grade mould is small, especially for high-grade cars. The mould almost all depends on import. According to rough statistics, the imported automobile body mould in China now needs 300 million US dollars every year.

Experts pointed out that there is still a big gap for China's automobile mould enterprises to participate in international competition, mainly due to the lack of independent research and development capabilities. In order to upgrade the mold industry and even the whole manufacturing industry, we should take the lead in the front-end research and development, talent construction, back-end detection and information service of the mold industry chain. In the future, the development direction of domestic automobile mould enterprises must arm themselves with high and new technology, develop towards specialization, and take the road of combination when conditions are ripe.

No matter from the enterprise's independence or market orientation, some domestic automobile mould enterprises have begun to actively seek the way of upgrading. Dongfeng Automobile Mould Co., Ltd. took the lead in designing and manufacturing the inner and outer panel mould of the engine hood of the high-grade passenger car in China, which changed the history that the mould and tooling of the high-grade passenger car outer panel were all imported. In order to improve the brand building and competitiveness, Beilun New District of Ningbo, Zhejiang Province has applied to the State Administration for Industry and Commerce for the registration of the collective trademark of "Beilun mould", which is still the first in the same industry in China.

When predicting the future development trend of China's automobile mold industry, experts in the industry pointed out that, on the whole, China's automobile mold with low technology content has been oversupplied, and the market profit space is narrow; while the medium and high-end mold with high technology content is far from meeting the needs of economic development, and the high-end mold such as precision and complex stamping mold and car cover mold still has great development Space. In the future, we should pay attention to the adjustment and orientation of the product structure, further improve the manufacturing technology level of the mold, and occupy the high-end mold market with complex structure, high precision and high technology content.