Teach you how to maintain the knowledge of molds


The service life of plastic molds is closely related to […]

The service life of plastic molds is closely related to correct maintenance. In reality, there are too many cases of mold scrap due to improper maintenance. Xujin has been working on molds for 20 to 30 years, and I can’t remember how many such accidents have occurred. , Some molds developed more than 100,000 yuan, and did not produce many products, but the molds were in a state of disarray, which is a pity. The following summarizes a few basic knowledge about correct maintenance of plastic molds, so that the customer's plastic adjuster can develop basic maintenance habits, thereby extending the service life of the mold:

1. Mold maintenance before production

A. The oil stains and rust on the surface of the mold must be cleaned to check whether there is any foreign matter in the cooling water hole of the casting mold and whether there is a blocked waterway.

B. It is necessary to check whether the arc in the rubber mouth sleeve of the mold is damaged and whether there is any residual foreign matter. Whether the moving parts are abnormal and whether the movement is smooth.

2. Maintenance of molds in production

1. Check all the guide pillars of the mold every day, whether the guide sleeves are damaged, including mold guide pillars, row positions and other components, regularly refuel and maintain them, and maintain them twice a day.

2. Clean the mold parting surface and the exhaust groove of foreign matter, glue, foreign matter, oil, etc., and check whether the mold thimble is abnormal and regularly oil. The parting surface and runner surface are cleaned twice a day. The lubrication of the guide pin, bushing and position-determining pin is once a day.

3.Regularly check whether the waterway of the mold is unblocked, and tighten all the fastening screws.

4. Check whether the limit switch of the mold is abnormal, whether the inclined pin. The inclined top is abnormal.

Third, the maintenance of the shutdown mold

Before stopping the machine, the cooling water circuit must be closed, the remaining water in the water circuit in the mold must be blown off, and the surface of the mold must be checked for residual glue filaments, foreign objects, etc., after cleaning it, spray the rust inhibitor evenly, and fill in the relevant records accurately.