Some mold processing and repair technology that you may don't know


First, the stamping die commonly used screw break 1. Us […]

First, the stamping die commonly used screw break

1. Use a chisel to carefully knock in the opposite direction, being careful not to break the broken half.

2. Find a long screw and take it in the opposite direction, which can also play a firm role.

3. Use the center of the drill with a small diameter to drill the hole and then tap it with a small chisel.

Second, the punch noise is too large

1. Mold maintenance cleanliness, clean the waste and keep the edge sharp, the sharp edge cutting things will produce a lot less sound.

2. The cutting edge and the part achieve a real cut, not a squeeze.

3. Keep the mold lubricated and run smoothly, preventing the mold from rubbing and making a louder sound.

4. Buffer the corresponding object.

5. Install the sound insulation board, this can prevent the noise heard by outsiders, but the operator can't avoid it.

6. Improve accuracy and reduce working noise.

Third, the oil tank oil leakage

1. Check if the gasket is damaged. When replacing the spare parts, soak them in hot water to soften the seals for easy replacement.

2. Check if the cylinder core is damaged or not.

3. Check if there is a crack in the cylinder, and if so, it is best to change the cylinder.