Six major elements of mold processing data


Every person in the mold production department, effecti […]

Every person in the mold production department, effectively performing their own work, to deal with the record maintenance mold database, it makes sense, they undertake some collection responsibility to ensure that the mold performance accurately represents the status quo, the correct problem is displayed in the database in.

Technicians should collect an efficient mold processing data as follows, with six main elements:

First, mold performance data.

Second, the mold start date and time.

Third, the quantity.

Fourth, the mold configuration.

Fifth, start the technician.

Sixth, the defect data after completion.

a. Defects (names) in the production of products and molds.

b. Date and time when the defect was found.

c. Cavity ID or the location of the mold defect.

d. Point out defects or cavity obstructions (workers, Q/A, etc.).

e. Stop date and time.

f. Reason for stopping (or pulling).

g. Mold state pull (red or green-tagged).

By recording the above mold processing data, a short description will help the mold tool room identify the source of the problem, and the documentation or electronic format should include providing this information.