Shrinkage Problem In Household Appliance Mold Making


Household appliances production time cannot leave the i […]

Household appliances production time cannot leave the injection mold factory, now the home appliance technology is more and more advanced, in order to better adapt to these requirements, need the use of a good master mold shrinkage, this is most enterprise in home appliance mould production and encounter the biggest obstacle, who can be a very good to overcome the difficulties, who will be on technology than its competitors to lead, first of all, we need to understand what causes the electrical appliances mold shrinkage, the reasons for this phenomenon is more complex, perhaps the reason only one, may be caused by many reasons together, the design of the mould is according to the requirements of customers customized, so you can't change easily, need more exquisite skills in the design.

Small make up understand, technical personnel can from the diameter size of the entrance and exit, according to the characteristics of the production of products to specific formulation of home appliance mould, only in combination with product shrinkage ability specially made by injection mold company, to the good use effect. The distance as far as possible to reduce shrinkage, and from the aspects of processing conditions of the study, the temperature and pressure will affect the contracting, technical personnel can through the observation and experiment the method of combining to keep a record of contraction in the condition of different distance, pick out the most suitable for electrical appliances processing conditions to reduce shrinkage, etc.