Problems of mold insulation system design.


Regarding the design of the mold insulation system, we […]

Regarding the design of the mold insulation system, we will provide you with a detailed introduction below.

1. The detailed structure of the mold frame and core, the cooling water of the mold is very important, in order to prevent the heat energy in the mold core from being transferred to the mold frame, a water must be arranged to be transported up and down near the position of the guide rod.

2. Guide bush design The moving parts of the guide bush should be made of graphite material as much as possible, otherwise the front end of the guide rod should be avoided. As long as the length of the joint is 25mm, it is enough;

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3. Mold core design The mold core or core has four sides to be hollowed out; the mold frame and the core must have a certain gap (depending on the mold material), and the coefficient of thermal expansion (1mm on one side). Prevent the expansion of the mold frame and reduce the contact surface of the mold core on the mold frame, thereby minimizing the loss of heat energy; the lock of the mold core and the mold frame is inclined, etc., and the front end is made of dustproof resin or other materials with obvious heat insulation effect Asbestos board).