Plastic mold industry business mode change trend


With the changes in market demand and the intensificati […]

With the changes in market demand and the intensification of competition, downstream customers of mold companies have gradually shifted from the single requirement for mold quality to the development of integrated solutions for “product services”. The simple mold design and manufacturing model of small and medium-sized mold enterprises can no longer meet the needs of market competition, and the operational risk is high. After years of development, most of the SMEs in the industry have gradually transformed from the previous simple mold design and manufacturing model to the “belt production” business model, namely: the mold enterprise not only provides customers with the design and development of precision molds, but also on this basis. Provide processing and other supporting manufacturing services for the corresponding injection products.

The "belt production" business model has fully utilized the characteristics of the mold products to drive large, effectively overcoming the disadvantages of the single source of the mold enterprises and the small scale of the operation, thus avoiding the operational risks and enhancing the market competitiveness of the enterprises, so it has become China. Small and medium-sized mold enterprises are an effective way to quickly grow bigger and stronger.

The “Band Production” mode has the following characteristics:

First of all, in the "belt production" mode, the mold is the "benefit amplifier" of the enterprise. The value of the final product produced by the mold is often several times and hundreds of times the value of the mold itself. Mold companies are easy to achieve large-scale operations. In the “piece production” mode, the mold design and manufacturing capability of the mold company is to strive for the core competitiveness of the downstream end customers, and the sales of the matching injection molded parts and other supporting manufacturing services have greatly increased the sales of the mold enterprises. The above model broadens the source of income while fully utilizing the core technological advantages of the mold enterprise, which is conducive to achieving large-scale operation and reducing operational risks.

Secondly, under the “piece production” model, mold companies can provide more services to customers and obtain higher added value. On the basis of mold development, mold companies provide customers with supporting processing, which not only can further improve the pertinence and applicability of mold development, but also provide faster response and more professional services in mold maintenance and warranty. In addition, in the “belt production” mode, the mold company omits the process of moving the mold back and forth, repeatedly disassembling, etc., saving transportation costs and reducing losses, and also improving the processing speed and precision of the injection molded parts.