Places that are easy to miss in mold maintenance


In this process of maintenance, what are the places tha […]

In this process of maintenance, what are the places that are easier to miss? Let's take a look!
1. Check whether there is an early warning of rust or moisture in the air diffuser. If rust or moisture is found near the hot runner exhaust hole, it means internal condensation or a broken water pipe. Humidity can cause a fatal short circuit to the heater.
2. Sliding stop buckle--For machines that run all year round, this work should be done once a week.
3. Check whether there is abrasion between the guide post and the guide sleeve, and look for traces such as scratches or abrasions. Such abrasion is due to lack of lubrication. If the traces just appear, you can extend their life by adding more lubrication to the guide post and guide sleeve. If the wear is severe, the parts need to be replaced. Otherwise, the cavity and core part may not fit well, resulting in different thickness of the part wall.
4. Check the water flow, connect a hose at the outlet of the waterway, let the water flow into the bucket through the water pipe, and check whether the flow out is not clear or if it is colored, it may be rust. Found, if the water flow is not smooth, then It means there may be clogging. If these problems occur, all waterways need to be dredged to ensure that the waterways are normal.
5. Cleaning the thimble----After one year, the thimble will become very dirty due to gas accumulation and film impurities. It is recommended to clean it with mold cleaner every 6-12 months. After cleaning, apply a layer of lubricant to the thimble to prevent scratches or breaks.
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