Not only use mould,but also inspect and clean


Mould maintenance 1. Purpose: To ensure that the equipm […]

Mould maintenance

1. Purpose: To ensure that the equipment can maintain the best performance state and extend the service life to ensure the normal production.

2. Scope of application: Applicable to the repair and maintenance of the mould.

3. Regular inspection and maintenance: regular maintenance and inspection by mould maintenance and up and down mould personnel.

4. After the processing, the mould is cleaned by the ultrasonic cleaning method of the electrolysis. The cleaning also plays the role of rust prevention.

1. Daily routine inspection and maintenance:

1.1 Is the running mould in a normal state?

a. Whether there is low voltage mode locking protection;

b. If the moving parts such as the guide post, the ejector pin and the row position are worn, is the lubrication good? It is required to add oil at least 12 hours, and the special structure should increase the number of refueling.

c. Whether the screws and clamping clips of the fixed template of the moulds are loose;