New step of shape following cooling technology of plastic mould


Shape cooling means that the cooling water path changes […]

Shape cooling means that the cooling water path changes with the change of the die surface geometry. With the appearance of the manufacturing technology of the built-in shape following cooling water way mould, not only the mould designers have more space for mould design, but also the design method of the cooling water way can be simplified. As we all know, in the general injection molding process, it takes a certain time to make the mold reach a stable production state.

This is because when the molten plastic is injected into the mold, the heat transfer between the injection mold and the molten plastic occurs between the contact surfaces, and at the same time, the mold conducts the heat pulse conduction from the body to the cooling water path. As a result, the mold temperature rises and the heat is transferred to the coolant. If the cooling water path has a long distance from the mold surface, the continuous thermal pulse will make the temperature of the mold continue to rise until the pulse heat taken away by the cooling system

The mold design process is also a series of conflict and compromise coordination process, you may encounter these situations:Meet customer quality requirements, such as surface flatness, finish, no warpage, sink and defects.Split design part geometry, easy to manufacture but easy to void·Fill the cavity with plastic and integrate the design of hot runner, valve and vent·Cooling tools without hot spots or cold spots, improving production quality and speed to the limit·Spray plastic evenly without damage.