Mold can still be recycled after it has been used


Do you know that the mold can still be recycled after i […]

Do you know that the mold can still be recycled after it has been used? Everyone knows that there are always plastics for collecting waste products on the street. After recycling these plastics, they can be mixed with new materials and processed again. Of course, the quality of new molds made from scrap or recycled plastic is definitely not as good as that of raw materials. .

Recycled plastic refers to the plastic raw material obtained by processing the waste plastic by physical or chemical methods such as pretreatment, melt granulation, modification, etc. It is a re-use of plastic. It is also one of the main materials for plastic mold processing. So how do you identify recycled plastics?

First, look at the color: the lighter the color, the wider the range of use, the higher the level. For white, it can be adjusted into a variety of other colors, but also can be used as a white product, the same price is also high. Secondly because of the needs of the product, Ingredients added various ingredients.

Second, look at the content of stone powder: the more the stone powder content, the lower the grade, the lower the price. From the naked eye, the product is not bright, the glossiness is more than the stone powder content, it will feel heavy from the hand feeling, burn with fire, then burn The part will turn red and turn off and become gray. In addition, we must pay attention to the enhanced products. The enhanced products that can be used are only PA, PBT, PP, etc., and the price is not high. Then we can judge the mixed material according to the proportion of raw materials. No reuse, the current problem is the most mixed ABS and PS, PC and PMMA intermix, PVC flakes and PEl, flakes mixed, PE and PP are mixed with each other, these materials are mixed, due to density Almost, hard to use.

Third, look at recycled plastic material pure impure: the more pure the material, the higher the grade; the material is impure, the grade is low, and some intermixes are not even needed.

When the plastic mold is processed, the waste plastic is directly crushed into a powder or granules, and the material can still be distinguished. The recycled material is recycled. I don’t know how many times it can’t accurately distinguish what is going on. The number of times is divided into levels, the minimum start, the special level, the first level, the second level.