How to use plastic molds


The surrounding tree mold is also known as the precast […]

The surrounding tree mold is also known as the precast concrete tree pond cover mold. The different names used in the local area are also inconsistent. The editor here counts, there are called Shuweizi mold, tree grate mold box, tree pond grate mold, etc. After pouring and forming, it is mainly formed by splicing four surrounding tree cover plates.

It is mainly used locally in parks, street beautification belts and beautification trees sheltering in various venues. There are planned rainwater leakage holes on the surface of the cover mold, so that when the pouring and forming of the tree cover is used, the roots of the trees can keep the soil loose and absorb water and other nutrients, and maintain the water and soil erosion of the trees. The process is also very convenient, only need to prepare release agent, concrete, shaking table, etc. Let's explain in detail the demolding process of the surrounding tree mold.

1. After purchasing the required plastic mold for the tree, the first thing to do is to apply a layer of release agent to the tree mold before pouring the mold. The common demoulding effect is good, and the cost-effective one is to use waste diesel for the tree. For the demolding of the mold, the demolding agent purchased on the market can also be used to demold the mold. The release agent belongs to the chemical product. After the use, it must be placed in a cool place and the container containing the release agent must be sealed after the use.

2. Pour concrete successfully made of cement and sand into the tree mold that has been coated with release agent, and place it on the oscillating table to discharge the air in the tree mold concrete by oscillating, allowing the pouring to take shape The air content in the cement fence deck is reduced.

3. Put the oscillating tree mold in a cool place. Now that the daily temperature is high in summer, you don't need to steam the tree mold to avoid too much steaming and the cement tree cover cannot be used. Finally, the casted tree cover is placed on the oscillating table for oscillating demolding. After the demolding is successful, it is placed aside for use. If the same color of the tree cover is used on the road, it will be short. Vivid, so after the production is completed, you can apply colorful paint on the surface of the cover mold, and it looks more beautiful and vivid in appearance.