How long does it usually take to mould a mold


Plastic mold 30~35 days Hardware mold 28~35 days Die ca […]

Plastic mold 30~35 days

Hardware mold 28~35 days

Die casting mold 30~35 days

Aluminum extrusion molding 15~20 days

Blister mold 5~7 days

Cutting die 1~2 days

Open mold production process

1. Design scheme

2. Design plan

3. Production and processing templates (such as CNC, charge and discharge, wire cutting, sanding, sandblasting, quenching and tempering, electroplating)

4. Assembly line

5. Test piece, inspection

The difficulty of production and processing of the mold, the processing technology is different, and the time spent will be different.

Open mould FAQ

1. The post-treatment process of the raw materials of the injection mold is not used. Because of the unique regulations such as soft plastic and no strength, the whole process of quenching and tempering will lead to deformation of the mold.

2. The water cooling in the mold (test pressure safety passage) is related to the product size, shape, plastic characteristics, holding time and other factors.

3. The surface roughness level of the cavity of the mold should be “mirror glass grade”, otherwise the product can not be molded, and the product needs to be too strong when the product is ejected, resulting in damage to the product. The locating pin, the clamping surface, and the surface roughness of its position are standard.

4, the plastic mold should have sufficient bending stiffness, or else cause deformation when clamping the mold, resulting in "flash".

5, plastic mold to choose effective exhaust pipe parts and the amount of manipulation. Otherwise, the plastic note is not full and the product is "not expected".

6, the needle should be selected to be effective, so that the material can arrive at each place evenly (the same flow path), and then there is sufficient storage to ensure that the plastic is replenished in the process of gathering.

7, the collection index of each material is not the same, the mold must have an effective shrinkage rate.

8. Select an effective method of casting, select the effective part and total number of rams to ensure that the product is not damaged during the whole process of injection.

9. The fixed method of the mold and the plastic machine should be effective, and it should be reliable, avoiding the safety accident caused by the position change when the mold is closed. Then it is easy to disassemble.