Five Factors To Improve Mold Quality


1. Mould steel Steel is the decisive factor of mold qua […]

1. Mould steel

Steel is the decisive factor of mold quality, the choice of reasonable steel is the most important. The standard for steel selection is:

1) different types of steel should be selected for plastic injection materials, such as high polishing requirements, corrosion resistance requirements, etc.

2) heat treatment. The surface treatment of the mold is also very important. Nitride - can enhance the surface hardness of steel, effectively extend the die life; Electroplating - can be used to effectively modify the steel of the mould, and the properties of the steel can be enhanced and improved by using electroplating for some parts requiring high brightness and corrosion resistance.

2. Mould processing

He that will do his work well, must first gain his power. The arrangement of mould technology is particularly important. Reasonable process arrangement can speed up production cycle, shorten processing time and save cost effectively. Moreover, it is more important that precise and reasonable processing can ensure the stability and prolong life of the mould in the production process.

3. Mold assembly

Die assembly like to assemble the machine and every parts, each screw can't go wrong, otherwise the consequences will be severe, light led to the product defects, affect production, or damage the mould completely, causing scrap. So the assembly must be very careful. In the process of assembly, especially the cleaning work of the mould, especially the water and screw holes, must be blown clean inside the iron chip, otherwise the customer is very angry.

4. The cooling water

Anyone with experience in mold knows how important cooling is to a mold. Because of the increase in prices and human wages, it is impossible to imagine the profits of a one-second injection cycle during the mass production of products. But at the same time will speed up the production cycle is the mould temperature rise, if not effectively control makes the mold because is too hot to molding, even lead to mold deformation failure scrapped. Therefore, the excellent waterway design is particularly important, including the distribution density, diameter, interconnection and so on.

5. Mold maintenance

Mold maintenance is mainly the maintenance and maintenance of the production process. The mold is like a car, and if you don't use it for a long time, you can die. Therefore, every time the mold is used, it should be fully maintained. In particular, it is the anti-rust of the forming part and the anti-rust of the main action parts. Because the mold is connected with water during the production process, it is possible to sleep on the mold during installation or disassembly, so make sure the mold is dry, and then brush another layer of oil to protect it.