Eight advantages of double injection molding


Double injection molding or two-shot injection molding […]

Double injection molding or two-shot injection molding is simple to manufacture and consists of two different polymers, even in one machine with two different colors of complex parts.

The eight advantages of secondary injection molding are as follows:

First, the soft touch function and the handle, handle, device, chassis and other components are multi-color.

Second, instrumentation products such as backlight buttons and turntables.

Third, noise, vibration damping and isolation.

Fourth, the air and water are sealed.

Fifth, shock absorption and protection.

Sixth, movable, such as living hinges and spring-loaded mechanisms.

Seventh, the application of modern injection molding.

Eighth, injection molding almost occupies the most complete range of plastic products, and almost all manufacturing departments use injection molded parts due to their flexibility in size and shape.