Development vision of automotive mold


With the development of China's auto industry entering […]

With the development of China's auto industry entering a stage of rapid growth, the auto mold industry known as the "mother of the auto industry" has also developed rapidly. The expansion of the industry scale has attracted a large number of companies to compete. In addition to some local established mold companies, foreign companies and large enterprises in other industries have also expanded their business to the domestic automotive mold industry. Further intensified.

Since 2018, China's auto mold manufacturers have continued to upgrade their industrial structure, which has gradually transformed the company's products into medium and high-sized automotive molds and gradually became a strong supplier.

In addition to expanding production scale and increasing competitiveness through cooperation, mold companies have also begun to change their previous "big and comprehensive" development models, forming industrial clusters in the region, strengthening division of labor and cooperation among enterprises, and forming a community of interests. Give play to their respective advantages to improve production efficiency and enhance product competitiveness