Coupling mold life extension: maintenance of automotive mold standard parts


The repair of automotive mold standard parts is extreme […]

The repair of automotive mold standard parts is extremely meticulous work. Every damaged automotive mold standard part needs to be carefully maintained and maintained, so that we can achieve our expected results and prolong the service life of the mold.

Automotive mold standard parts
Punches and punches: Most of the punches and punches used on standard parts of automotive molds are standard parts. The punches of automotive molds are prone to breakage, bending and chipping during use. Punching sleeves are generally broken. The damage of punches and punching sleeves is generally replaced with parts of the same specifications. The parameters of the punches mainly include the working part size, installation part size, length size and so on.

Fastening parts: Check whether the fastening parts are loose or damaged. The approach taken is to find parts of the same specification for replacement.
 Pressing and unloading parts: Pressing parts such as pressing plate, Uli glue, etc., unloading parts such as unloading plate, pneumatic jacking device, etc. During the maintenance, check the assembly relationship and damage of each part, and repair the damaged part. Pneumatic jacking is checked for leaks and measures are taken for specific situations, such as replacing damaged air pipes.

Spring and other elastic parts: In the process of use, spring is one of the most easily damaged parts of automobile molds, and usually breaks and deforms. The method adopted is replacement, but the size and model of the spring must be paid attention to during the replacement process. The specification model is determined by three items of color, outer diameter and length, and it can only be replaced if all three items are the same.