Auto lamp mold design and manufacturing solutions


Car lights are an indispensable set of accessories for […]

Car lights are an indispensable set of accessories for automobiles. Whether it is a traditional or technologically fashionable model, the main parts of a car light are inseparable from the headlight body, reflector, decorative frame and light lens. As the parts with high requirements for automobile appearance parts, the requirements of the corresponding mold design and manufacturing process of automobile lamps are also very high.

First of all, the challenge comes from the headlight body.

The car lamp body is an internal functional part. Although the appearance requirements are not high, there are many assembly holes and buckles. This means that the design and manufacture of the lamp body mold may have the following risks:

1. There are many inclined tops, sliders, and inserts of the mold, which are easy to break and flash;

2. Complicated water transportation structure/difficult to uniform cooling;

3. The discharge machine has a larger increase/single battery

Secondly, for the reflector, we need to combine the particularity of the product specifications for mold design.

The reflector, also known as the reflector, is a part of the automobile headlight lighting system that has a reflective function to avoid direct light. It is an exterior part. The surface is high-gloss plating and has a large area of ​​texture for surface decoration. Since the reflector needs to work in a high temperature environment, it needs to be beautiful while achieving the purpose of reflecting and concentrating light. Therefore, automakers often choose prefabricated integral molding compound (BMC) thermoset plastics with heat resistance, flame retardancy, and strong creep resistance for the molding of reflectors.

In view of the manufacturing requirements of mirrors with strict light distribution and direct aluminum plating, we recommends that attention should be paid to the mold design:

1. The parting surface of the mold cannot avoid the air, and it is easy to flash out;

2. The position of the intersection and the weld line must be accurate in the early mold flow analysis;

3. The heating rods of the front and rear molds are distributed evenly and reasonably to prevent deformation;

4. Push out and increase the sheath to prevent high temperature from burning;

5. The surface texture contour requires high precision;

6. The mold core is not easy to be disassembled as a whole as possible to avoid internal batching of the product.

Thirdly, for the decorative frame of the car lights, attention should be paid to achieving the high surface requirements for mold design.

The car light decorative frame is a decorative part of the car headlight lighting system. It is located inside the lens and assembled with the lens. People can see the decorative frame from the outside of the car light through the lens. Generally, the manufacturing materials of the decorative frame of car lights are PC, PBT+GF, PBT+PET, PA+GF, and surface plating is required.