Advantages of hot runner molds and how to save molds


High-quality injection molds not only increase the effi […]

High-quality injection molds not only increase the efficiency level, but also increase the level of production of plastic parts at the same time, mainly because of the time required for the cold runner to heat up, because it can be easily injected when heated. The molten material enters the mold, and with the uniformity of temperature, the total production cycle is reduced, and as a result, the time spent in the entire process is reduced, and at the same time, this also saves the total cost of production.

The quality of the hot runner mold operation is also significantly higher than that of the cold runner, and this is one of the main reasons for the early replacement of the cold runner. This is the fact that the initial cost of the hot runner related investment is definitely higher. High, but in the course of time, the return that can be provided is relatively high.

As technology advances, competition between different industries and injection molding plants is increasing, and as a result, prices are falling. Therefore, it is expected that many smaller companies and industries will also be able to use them in the near future. It, they can harvest the benefits of its investment, in fact, the production costs will also be reduced, because the total amount of waste will be reduced.

It is a fact that the hot runner mold is strictly controlled to keep the temperature properly, which is very necessary. If we can't do this, it can not only affect the production process, but also the impact on the created system. However, today, these are available again. Control unit with different temperatures, so that it can adjust the temperature, according to the requirements of the injection mold, and regulate the evenly distributed temperature throughout the production process, the injection molding factory of injection molded parts is relieved.

The plastic mold is not made of ordinary plastic. It is made of high-strength anti-aging engineering polypropylene. The product has very strong toughness and can withstand a weight of 200 kg. It can also ensure long-term use without deformation. However, it is very important that the plastic material is afraid of drying. Therefore, whether it is in use or after use, the cover mold should be well protected against sun exposure.

The precautionary measures are as follows: one is to avoid the cover plate mold being exposed to strong light; the other is to avoid the rot-deteriorated items and the cover plate mold centralized storage; the third is to control the range of the mold during the production process; the fourth is to control man-made damage and strictly follow the production. Regulations and production requirements for reasonable production.

The plastic mold processing factory does not age with the cement. The plastic itself has the function of resisting acid and alkali. When the plastic mold processing factory is used, the surface is sprayed with some oil, which is beneficial to demoulding and also helps to protect the mold, delaying the aging and weathering of the mold, and the cover mold. After use, it can be recycled and reused, which saves cost and is environmentally friendly. Conducive to multiple recycling, saving money.