5 standards for high-end injection mold factories


Since its birth to the present, the injection mold indu […]

Since its birth to the present, the injection mold industry has experienced multiple development stages. After entering the 21st century, with the development of modern industry, injection molds have become irreplaceable tools; at the same time, various large and small injection mold factories have also It has sprung up on the land of China, so how to judge when choosing a high-quality injection mold supplier? The 5 major standards give you a clear judgment.

Injection Mold Factory

1. Understand the basic situation of injection mold manufacturers

The Internet is now very developed. When judging a supplier, you can first check some basic information of the company on the Internet, such as registered capital, registration period, and the company’s credit rating, whether there is a lot of negative word-of-mouth information, etc. Have a preliminary understanding and screening of the company.

2. On-site visit to injection mold manufacturers

After a preliminary screening, come to the manufacturer’s production site to get a rough idea of ​​the company’s corporate scale, plant area, number of employees, corporate culture, etc., and use this information as a further criterion for judgment.

Three, understand the production equipment of the injection mold factory workshop

Today's plastic products require higher and higher dimensional precision, and this is inseparable from advanced production equipment. It is difficult for a clever woman to cook without rice. Even if the skilled personnel do not have good production tools, it is impossible to make high-quality products. Therefore, during the visit, you need to go to the injection mold factory production workshop to evaluate the overall production equipment, which includes the preliminary mold production equipment, mold testing equipment, injection molding production equipment, subsequent oil injection processing equipment, etc., specific needs Consider the brand, average age of the equipment, etc. Only the latest equipment of major brands can ensure that the products made reach the most advanced level.

Fourth, the overall production team of the injection mold factory

After all, it is not yet a fully automated era. The production of any product is still inseparable from human operations, and injection molds are nothing more than the same. Therefore, it is necessary to comprehensively consider and evaluate the entire production team.

Five, injection mold production experience

Rich production experience is also indispensable for a high-quality injection mold factory. Only with rich production experience and a mold factory that has made various types of products can there be solutions to various production problems that arise.